Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You don't need pants for the Victory Dance

But for the rest of the time they're quite nice to have :)

Thanks to the pattern I got from Here I can make my own! I have make the black and purple from this pattern but I'm still looking for the ultimate pants!

I have also made Banana bread, but it only lasted about 30 min before the kids and Jas ate it all! I went down alot better that the unintentional Dwarf bread. I, for some reason can not get it to rise and it ends up a rock! I think maybe bread making is just not my forte! I will have to stick to what I'm good at!

I'm currently working on a corset for my friend, and will post some pictures when I can. I love the colour of the fabric she choose.

On a side not I was thinking of joining Curves... I need to lose a bit of weight (or maybe just stop eating cakes and chocolate!) But the question is if I join...will I ever go or will I just be wasting money I don't have...Oh the dilemma! Ah well :)

Bright Blessings :x

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  1. My bread tends to turn out much better than my clothes...

    Is Curves like weight watchers?