Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Holy crap it worked!!

I said I was going to have a go at making a skirt with the help of House of Marmalade's awesome tut, But I didn't honestly expect it to work! But I followed the instructions on how to make the skirt block.

(Humm whats that on the side...I know I told the kids not to go near it!)

(Who says Ty need to practice his hand writing!!)

With the block done I made a muslin to check the fit.

(Got to love the white socks!)

Inspired by the whole "it fit" I decides to plan my skirt, with pockets and all sorts... You just know it's going to go horribly wrong but amazingly it didn't...I worked! first the muslin (with more white socks :( )

And finally I was ready...

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Busy Busy Me :p

Ok so I haven't blogged in a few day... I have been busy :)

The kids and I made a shopping bag for Nannies birthday (I just forgot to take pictures)!

have also finished the basic structure of Linzi's corset, and she tried it on yesterday...looking good :)

While she was here we went fabric shopping...Yay! Bubbles picked some for herself and I found a nice one with skulls and roses on for me.

I want to make a skirt with it and I'm waiting for my new book, I ordered it so I could join Kitchy Coo's Sew-Along But until then I have been making a skirt block, thanks to House of Marmalade! So busy, busy me! :)

Also I may not get much done today as Flame is coming with the kids, Yay! Mine are doing the happy dance. (Well Bubbles is anyway :p)

Bright Blessing :x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Photo tag thingie

Ok Flame asked me to do this...

First is the 10th picture in the first folder :-

Bubbles at about 20 months, I believe she was being a Knight and protecting Geekboy from the Slugs!?!

And then the 1st picture in the tenth folder :-

This is the poppet I made for Geekboy, he named it Batboy and still nags that I haven't made the wings for it yet :p

There ya go, short and sweet...unlike Dwarves!

Bright Blessing :x

You don't need pants for the Victory Dance

But for the rest of the time they're quite nice to have :)

Thanks to the pattern I got from Here I can make my own! I have make the black and purple from this pattern but I'm still looking for the ultimate pants!

I have also made Banana bread, but it only lasted about 30 min before the kids and Jas ate it all! I went down alot better that the unintentional Dwarf bread. I, for some reason can not get it to rise and it ends up a rock! I think maybe bread making is just not my forte! I will have to stick to what I'm good at!

I'm currently working on a corset for my friend, and will post some pictures when I can. I love the colour of the fabric she choose.

On a side not I was thinking of joining Curves... I need to lose a bit of weight (or maybe just stop eating cakes and chocolate!) But the question is if I join...will I ever go or will I just be wasting money I don't have...Oh the dilemma! Ah well :)

Bright Blessings :x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Better late than never!

Ok so looking back I noticed that I was going to post pictures on what I'm been making So here they are.
Also I changed the background on my blog, cool isn't it!

Most recently I had to choose housework or dressmaking...guess what won... yup dressmaking hands down :p What can I say I'm no domestic Goddess! So I decided to make Bubbles the PJs I'd promised before xmas. Unfortunately she has grown since I took her measurements and I didn't think to recheck them :( It's a stupid mistake and it's going to cost me more pairs of PJs to make up for it :( As you can see she is straining at the buttons and she says it's tight at the armpits...she's still wearing it though, it's pink and has sparkly buttons :p

I will be making Geekboy's next as the's getting indignant that I made for Bubbles and not him! And who knows maybe I will post again soon :p

Bright Blessing :x