Saturday, 20 March 2010

Better late than never!

Ok so looking back I noticed that I was going to post pictures on what I'm been making So here they are.
Also I changed the background on my blog, cool isn't it!

Most recently I had to choose housework or dressmaking...guess what won... yup dressmaking hands down :p What can I say I'm no domestic Goddess! So I decided to make Bubbles the PJs I'd promised before xmas. Unfortunately she has grown since I took her measurements and I didn't think to recheck them :( It's a stupid mistake and it's going to cost me more pairs of PJs to make up for it :( As you can see she is straining at the buttons and she says it's tight at the armpits...she's still wearing it though, it's pink and has sparkly buttons :p

I will be making Geekboy's next as the's getting indignant that I made for Bubbles and not him! And who knows maybe I will post again soon :p

Bright Blessing :x

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