Saturday, 24 April 2010

Give me something to Blog about!

So...I made the T-shirt for the Sew-along...and I will post pictures when I can get Jas to take them...but it didn't go so well! I'm slightly bigger than average in the bust area...(and the tummy!) But I'm not sure my bust-line has ever been on the same line as my armpits! So I tried to be clever (not a good look for me :p) I put the arm curve on my actual bust-line! Genius I thought! I made a bat wing top! :p
I found the sleeves weren't as scary as I thought they would be, and I made the back and front too low, I also didn't make it long enough to warrant the full hip width, so it looks like a curtsey. All in all It wasn't that bad and it is the house :p

I'm sat here having told my kids that I would take them to Toy'r'Us and MacDonald, and I'm still waiting! Ty told me to go make myself a coffee!!!! Who are these kids??? I'm hungry :)

Bright Blessings :x

Edit with pictures :x

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