Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I Promise to make more of an effort!

Hello! I don't know if anyone is still here but I'd like to come back and make more of an effort this time! I will try to post something every day and if I don't you are allowed to poke me with a big stick!

I finally got round to making J's coat, only took me 4 years. It is an Italian Wool overcoat with a silk lining, I interfaced it with hair canvas, pad stitched the collar (I will go into more detail about how that is done in another post) and added flaps to to pockets.

I tried to put the sleeves in differently this time, I took both parts of the sleeve (outer and lining) and then attached it to the outer of the coat , then attached the lining around the arm hole. Unfortunately this didn't work as planned and has caused the seam to turn the wrong way at the arm hole, I will be re-doing them as soon as I get a chance! (maybe in another 4 years ;) )

Other than that I think it turned out nicely and J seems to like it :D

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