Monday, 29 June 2009


So it turns out your supposed to write about stuff with these bloggs! Huh who new! :p
I have been a busy cafting bunny, and going poppety mad. I have made 5 poppets with outfits, 1 corset, a shrug, a cardi and hat, and I'm still working on booties to match the cardi, another cardi, another corset and some clothes for the doll Jas ordered for my Birthday (doll is amazing and will take about 6 wks to get here and I may just burst with excitement before then) and 2 more poppets. Also the nice lady at the wool shop thinks I should get a stall at her upcoming carft fair, hummm maybe, but I get distracted eaisily... Kids want fisherman hats too. will post pics when I remember :)